DoorBird configuration settings

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Mon Nov 26, 2018 9:22 pm
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DoorBird configuration settings

So these are settings that I used with my DoorBird to use it with Blue Iris and the DoorBird plugin for Indigo. I use a dedicated account for Indigo and then another account for Blue Iris. By default there are already two accounts that come with each device and are listed on the passport. The first is to add the device to the app and the second is for the administrator account.

For the Indigo Plugin I use the following settings:
Watch always is checked
History is checked
Motion is checked
Geofencing is checked (but should be able to be disabled)
API-Operator is checked (this should be a hard requirement)
Access relays are checked

I have noticed that even after waiting 5 to 10 minutes the account wouldn't work even though Blue Iris (which has its own account as was created after the Indigo account) I had to reboot the DoorBird and then the plugin was able to communicate with the DoorBird. Prior to the reboot it would say check the username and password. I'm wondering if it being an API-Operator doesn't work until after a reboot; like the account is there but the plugin doesn't have the access it needs using that account.

For Blue Iris I use the following settings:
Watch always is checked
Motion is checked
History, Geofencing, API-Operator and relays are all unchecked.

What are others using for permissions and are you using dedicated accounts?

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