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Re: Icon Set

PostPosted: Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:48 pm
by DaveL17
jay (support) wrote:
DaveL17 wrote:
You could do 100 images which sounds like a lot of work, or you could have a simple script write a value to a variable that compacts the ranges into 8 or 9 categorical values and plot off that. The latter would be my preference

If you're talking about for use on a control page, note that the image selection heuristics allow for ranges of values assuming the value used to determine the image is numeric. I will say I don't know if it'll work with non-integers though...

Good call Jay -- unless something has changed, the heuristics don't work with floats. I have already converted the lunation values to integers in the plugin for this very reason. For example, instead of being 0.44, the device state value is provided as 44.

So if you have an image name of +40 and an image name of +50, the above example would plot the +40 image.