Somfy Manager Plugin

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Somfy Manager Plugin

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Introducing the Somfy Manager plugin


It requires a Somfy MyLink device connected to your network. Install the plugin, create a Somfy MyLink device and give it IP Address, username and password.

Then create a Somfy Motor and have a play.

I *DO NOT* have any Somfy equipment myself, though I'd love some and have it at work and church, so I am currently programming blind.

Download link


Those who have seen me around the forums will know I usually participate in the forums at least daily if not several times; however please be aware this is usually from my iPhone when I'm away from my desk. I will endeavour to support this plugin as quickly as possible, but (as with everyone) I have busy periods of the year when I'm simply not at my desk long enough to do all I'd like to, including fixing or updating plugin code, even if you see me actively responding to other threads.



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