Endpoint Deprecitated Workaround

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Sun Feb 28, 2021 12:56 pm
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Endpoint Deprecitated Workaround

I love this plugin and have been using it to send a message each evening with the state of the cars and a reminder to charge -

Eevie is charging.

50 miles added. Range is 214 miles (63%)

244 minutes until 80% charged.

Eevie is plugged in and charging is schedulled.

Charge limit is set to 80%

Eevie is driving.

Range is 112 miles (30%)

Eevie is not plugged in.

Range is 152 miles (48%)

MrsB has been most upset that these reminders no longer fire, so I have figured a workaround - Using node-red-contrib-tesla in an existing Node-Red installation with node-red-contrib-indigo to pull the statuses and put them in to Indigo variables. Then my existing workflow in Indigo is only minor mods from device states to variables

TeslaFlow.png (127.89 KiB) Viewed 142 times

Even this needed an updated auth.js file in the TeslaJS as noted by LudwigWen in this issue https://github.com/onokje/node-red-contrib-tesla/issues/12

The functionality I needed is restored. And MrsB is happy (which is the most important thing).

Hope this helps someone else.

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