Weather Snoop 4 - Script Agent in Python

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Mon Apr 01, 2019 8:28 am
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Weather Snoop 4 - Script Agent in Python

This isn't strictly a plugin question but I need the answer to be able to get the plugin to work. :)

I have an Aercus Weathersleuth weather station that I was using with Wunderground but it has stopped connecting with the server and I have given up trying to get it to work. I have read all the other threads about PWS changes and API keys etc.

So I decided to see if I could read the data directly off the device itself and I can. :D
Sample output (processed) looks like this:
Code: Select all
++ Outdoor Temperature = 14.8 deg C
++ Outdoor Humidity = 60%
++ Dew Point = 7.1 deg C
++ Wind Chill = 14.8 deg C
++ Wind Direction = NNE
++ Wind Speed = 1.34 mph
++ Wind Gust = 2.46 mph
++ Hourly Rain = 0.0 mm
++ Daily Rain = 0.0 mm
++ Weekly Rain = 0.0 mm
++ Monthly Rain = 0.0 mm
++ Annual Rain = 532.4 mm
++ Solar Radiation = 497.74
++ UV = 2
++ Indoor Temperature = 21.5 deg C
++ Indoor Humidity = 49%
++ Barometric Pressure = 1009 mbar
++ Low Battery = 0
++ Date = 2019-04-01 [UTC]
++ Time = 15:19:24
++ Software Type = WH2600GEN_V2.2.7
++ Action = updateraw
++ Realtime = 1
++ RT Freq = 5
So I was going to further develop this script to load the data into Indigo but then I thought I would investigate Weather Snoop 4.

Weather Snoop doesn't appear to directly support the Aercus Weathersleuth but it does provide something called a Script Agent. This apparently supports Python scripts so I thought it should be easy enough to retrieve the data and provide it via a Script Agent.

Unfortunately the documentation is a bit sparse on how exactly you use python in a Script Agent and AFAICS there aren't any examples of python scripts (that I have been able to find).

Just wondering if anyone had tried to do one of these using python and if so how? :)

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Sun May 12, 2019 10:02 pm
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Re: Weather Snoop 4 - Script Agent in Python


The WeatherSnoop 4 Script Agent will do what you suggest -- tie a script to a particular weather property. You add script properties in the Properties plug-in and double click on the property to edit the script, which can be in any scripting language. Whatever the printed output of the script is then becomes the value for that property.

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