RFXCOM devices change address ID

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Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:39 am
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RFXCOM devices change address ID

Hi, I have some Oregon Scientific weather sensors and an Owl power monitor which I get data into Indigo via the RFXCOM plugin. These work fine but the problem I have is that every time I change the batteries of these devices the address ID changes so I need to go back to Indigo and see what the new address is and set it manually. I use the RFXCOM plugin option "Log unknown sensors as error" so I can see the new ID relatively easily in the Indigo event log but I was wondering if I could somehow fix this problem once for all. I know the RFXCOM plugin code is in Github but I wanted to know whether automating the address ID change will be possible. Even if I change the plugin code I think from what I know that a plugin can't change a device property so I will need to do it in a different way. I was thinking that I could maybe make the RFXCOM plugin enumerate the devices it sees and then push the address ID values into generic variables with generic names such as RFXCOMdevice1 = 12345 (address ID), RFXCOMdevice2 = 54321. Then I would change the RFXCOM plugin custom device to take a variable name rather than the address ID (called Sensor in the device properties). Then add some logic that when the address ID changes I try to enumerate the RFXCOM devices in the same order so that the custom variables (ie RFXCOMdevice1 , RFXCOMdevice2, etc) always have the most up to date address ID of the same device. Will this work?

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Sun Jul 08, 2018 6:05 am
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RFXCOM devices change address ID

The issue is that the numbers are random. What one could do is to check if an rfx device has not been upgraded for xx minutes and then assume that the unidentified device is the device to be matched with the new number ... but I have eg rainsensor that rarely sends updates so for that type it does not work.

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