"math" always defaults to "/100"

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Fri Sep 16, 2022 9:37 am
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"math" always defaults to "/100"

I have a bunch of luminance sensors, and one of them reports Lux while the others all report % light. I'd like to see them all on the same scale in the same grafana table and since % x 9 is closer to the reality than lux /100, I tried to do that.

But in the panel editor, when I select "math" it auto populates with "/100" and even when I change that, it reverts when I save. Going in to query mode and trying to change the raw query also does the same.

Seems clear I'm missing something about how the editor works, or what the actual name of the function I need is, but I don't know enough to do a sensible internet search for the topic. Tried!

What am I missing?

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