Pre-release Rachio plugin that supports web hooks.

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Wed Jun 05, 2019 3:51 pm
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Pre-release Rachio plugin that supports web hooks.

I've posted a pre-release of an updated Rachio plugin that supports call-backs (webhooks) from the Rachio servers.

First, you need the latest version of the HTTPd plugin available here: ... /tag/1.4.2

Check the configuration carefully, and make sure you enter the DDNS name you're using on your router.

Next, you need this pre-release Rachio plugin: ... /tag/2.0.0

There is no additional configuration needed for the Rachio plugin. Install and enable the HTTPd plugin first, make sure it's configured properly, then update the Rachio plugin. If it detects an enabled HTTPd plugin, it will automatically enable the call-backs. At some point I'll probably add a config option for this.

Right now, the only call-backs it uses are the schedule start/stop and zone start/stop updates. It will set the active zone and schedule name when it gets those. I'm pretty sure the active zone update is working properly, but I'm not so sure about the schedule. My Rachio controller is not operational yet, so all my testing has been done with it sitting on my desk not actually controlling anything. And I don't have any schedules running on it, so I don't know if I'm picking up the right info or not.

I've enabled all the webhooks that are documented, but the ones listed above are the only ones I've actually ever seen. So there's no updating for forecast info happening via the call-backs. I recommend you still poll the servers to get that info. But hourly or so should be sufficient for that. I don't know how often they actually update the forecast info.

Please post feedback here on the Rachio plugin. Any questions or issues on the HTTPd plugin should be in that forum: viewforum.php?f=216

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Thu Jun 06, 2019 6:06 am
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Re: Pre-release Rachio plugin that supports web hooks.

Great! Unfortunately, it will be the end of June before I can try it out.

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