BlueIris Plugin Example Usages

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Mon Jul 08, 2019 9:46 pm
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BlueIris Plugin Example Usages


Have been adding to BlueIris Plugin documentation, and thought as an addition to that would be useful to give some examples of some of the functionality of Blue Iris, and Indigo with this Plugin can provide.

Requirements: BI Server, Plugin, some location detection and Indigo, Blue Iris mobile app.

As a default my Cameras are setup on Motion Triggering to record until HDD space is used (days) and then repeat.

Action and Trigger examples:
When Camera Motion detected, if someone home, between certain hours (love those IR spiderwebs) Turn on Appropriate Light(s)
When Camera Motion detected, if no-one home, send Animated GIF iMessage to select individuals/and/or turn on even more Lights
When Door Bell Pressed: Send Animated GIF to me, if dark also turn on multiple lights, play sound everywhere, zoom Camera to appropriate PTZ setting
When Arrive Home: Send Animated GIF to wife to let her know home (and vice versa), if dark turn on appropriate lights
When Leave: Start appropriate PTZ Cycle on selected Camera
When Appropriately Dark: Enable IR mode on Camera. (enabling better control than camera built in options which can cause not ideal images for around dust/dawn)
When arrive Home: Disable Audio triggering of Cameras (normally triggers on noise heard as well as motion)
Obviously multiple possibilities of location awareness - from continuous recording when away, versus motion only recording when present, versus no recording when present. to disabling sound recording when present.

Can also adjust individually adjust sensitivity of Motion like triggers for each Camera, which Audio triggering one aspect, but can increase object size needed to trigger motion recording.
eg. if home to minimise any false positives when present, and when away - drop drown to more recording/more false positives.
eg. if Dark increase object size needed to set off motion trigger to avoid night false positives/insects etc.
If Home - enable/disable PluginTriggeringEnabled as needed. Essentially if disabled the plugin will not trigger on any events from this camera/motion etc.

Using User Device/User Login Trigger:
If Grandparents login and home - annouce that they have logged in on sound devices.

Using Camera Macros:
Setup multiple camera overlays; enabling a whole lot of Indigo specific information to be viewed from within the BlueIris mobile app.
Pool Camera: Overlay Pool Temp as Macro %1 - updated via Trigger/Action by Indigo whenever Pool Temp changes
Outside Camera: Overlay Outside Temp as Macro %2 - updated via Trigger/Action whenever outdoor temp changes
Overview Camera: Overlay Solar Generation Watts - updated via Trigger/Action when Watts gnerated
Front door view: Overlay current location of myself/wife - address via Trigger/Action whenever location changes.
Enables others that have BlueIris Camera access to have a overview of what else is going on, from pool temp/outside temp to whether home etc.

Control Pages:
Easy to setup a single control is able to show each Camera live with 1-5 second update, click on image - full screen continuous update as separate fullscreen refreshing URL Control Page. All from within Indigo Touch.
Refreshing URL:
Code: Select all

No audio and not as fluid as Blue Iris main app - but very usable.

Another Control Page showing last Triggered Images from all Cameras (setup from within Plugin, BI Camera Device Options, and Save Image when triggered) This page shows last alert images from each Camera in easy to access way. Using refreshing URL as file:// linking to each camera most recent Alert saved image.

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Sat Jul 13, 2019 7:11 pm
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Re: BlueIris Plugin Example Usages

The plugin is fantastic. I have been using it from the beginning. You have some great use cases here I may try out. I haven't had as much luck using it as a light trigger, at least not in the non-winter months, due to so many insects being attracted to the IR lights on the camera. I guess if you're serious about that, the way to do it is to mount some IR lights well away from the actual cameras.

I do really like the ability to use the feeds on CP's. I have a main camera page with all of the cameras, but clicking on one loads that camera individually. While it's true that using the BI app has a few more options (and especially to click back through past triggers), for real time imagery there are some advantage to using the Indigo CP. For example, I have flood light switches on any applicable camera CP.

cam pages.jpg
cam pages.jpg (380.3 KiB) Viewed 6279 times

There are buttons to switch between night/IR and daytime/color modes, as well as switches to activate the motion light triggering. Lastly, I have notifications set up per camera. They can be set for notification on any trigger, if triggered at night, or simply on the next trigger only (once).

And I put a URL link to be able to rapidly switch over to the BI app if needed.

Thanks again for writing and maintaining such a great plugin.

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