BlueIris New Release in Plugin Store

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Sat Jun 29, 2019 6:35 pm
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BlueIris New Release in Plugin Store

Version 1.1.5

In PluginStore.... soon....

New Functions for those running v5.

1. Add Action Group to Change BlueIris Macro Settings

These are the %1-%100 macros within BlueIris that you can overlay on any camera.
They go from 1-100, even though BI only shows first 10 in settings page.
This action setting allows the Plugin to change this Macro...

Temp Overlays, Location overlays, multiple possibilities

Select BlueIris Plugin Action to get this dialog

As you can see - supports Device and Variable Substitution

2. Add New Device Type (Optional) BlueIris User


- Add optional new device Blueiris user - updated with user information, including login details and time
- Add Trigger for particularly User Login: Unrelated to above device, can trigger when any BI Users login to the service

Need to add Blue Iris Server Alert for User Login:
From Within Blue Iris Server, Main Settings, Users, Choose particular User
Actions: On Login:
+ Web request or MQTT

Similar to Camera Alerts - just with username at end eg.

Code: Select all
Post/payload: Indigo




3. Add Parsing of BlueIris Logs

This enables Camera Motion alerting without setting up anything within BI Server, and User Login from Log alone.
Presently this adds little further, except easy setup, and is slower (seconds only) at alerting.
Future use though for Sentry alerts, for Camera based triggering....


Adds new Camera device setting 'TriggeredbyLog' true if log message has triggered motion sensing.
Potentially adds issue with User Login triggering twice if running user login alert, and Parse logs. To overcome create BlueIris User Device for that user which will fix.

More to come...

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Sat Jul 06, 2019 3:02 am
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Re: BlueIris New Release

After the upgrade I got this error below

Code: Select all
BlueIris Plugin Error           Caught Exception within Trigger Check
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "", line 2061, in triggerCheck
    if str( not in trigger.pluginProps['deviceCamera'] :
AttributeError: 'str' object has no attribute 'id'

By turning debugging on it was clear that to surface the additional states the BI User needs BI admin rights, but FYI for anyone else

Code: Select all
BlueIris Plugin Debug           check Admin User called
   BlueIris Plugin Debug           BlueIris Server User is not Admin.
   BlueIris Plugin Debug           Need to be Admin BI User to access these addtional states

I don't recall needing admin rights before (and it could well be in the documentation) but in case it catches anyone else out it was the upgrade that made my issue show up.

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Sat Jul 06, 2019 4:54 am
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BlueIris New Release

Thanks for the feedback.

Will update and make it a bit clear about needing admin for these states (and will check and see if anyway other way around, ?some user options in BI server)

Will also have to look at details myself re: admin user (!) certainly was needed for some aspects but will have to RTM/documentation as well to remember what!

Well I read my documentation.. and for future reference:
Some of the camera states won’t populate unless admin user, and a number of the actions require admin user within BI.

Will see if work around ?remote management BI server user option might help, and if not change to a slightly clearly message!

Thanks again.

After adding a whole lot of stuff - and checking for admin user access more aggressively, I happened to look at error message
Turns out wasn't an admin user issue, more a triggering bug given the new user login trigger is camera independant
Fixed in 1.1.9 Below:


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Sun Jul 07, 2019 11:40 pm
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Re: BlueIris New Release

BlueIris 1.1.9


Readme Here: ... /

New Release:

Primarily supporting v5 of BlueIris.



Bug fixes for non-admin users within BI Server.
Cosmetic changes with Plugin Config
Preferred option would be always admin user, and limit to local-LAN access only if any concerns.


Few further info boxes in Config dialogs

Add support for Action/Camera Config:
Record: Set to Manual, Periodic, Continuous, Triggered,Motion/Periodic, and Motion/Continuous
Hide/Show Camera
Set/Reset Cameras first DIO output
Reset Alert Counter for Camera
Audio enable for Camera
Audio disable for Camera
Lock/Unlock Camera
Start/Stop Manual Recording
Fix for Pause/Unpause Camera


New Indigo Plugin Action to alter Camera Motion Trigger Settings:
Cancel Shadows/Disable Cancel Shadows
Enable/Disable Audio Trigger of Camera
Enable/Disable Object Detection
Disable/Enable Zones and hot spot
Disable/Enable Black and White
Enable/Disable Show Motion
Set the Min Contrast Level
Set the Break Time/seconds
Set the Make Time/seconds
Alter Sensitivity/Minimum object size



Finally a proper bug fix for Triggering error reported here: (Wasn't admin user access issue)

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