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BlueIris Plugin ChangeLog

PostPosted: Wed Feb 21, 2018 3:26 am
by GlennNZ
Version 0.8.0

Adds BlueIris Server States:
diskfree, diskallocated, disktotal, diskused
[First disk only which should be main storage]
Are numbers so can run triggers when less than/greater than etc from within Indigo
Path to current main storage
clipsInfo state
eg. Something like this: As a string of current storage/drive/info
Clips: 30870 files, 0.97T/1.00T; \FILESERVER2012 +250.5G, C: +153.4G

Add Action to Download Image for Selected Camera(s)
Also thread the download image code in case massive delays in multiple image downloads (surprisingly uncommon - I have only seen it once)

Add try/exception to getCamlist code pending more information

Update Updater to use curl to bypass github download TLSv1 error

Add Folder Selector in PluginConfig - can select folder to save images and Animated Gif to.
Must have write access. Should check this on entry. Blank or none defaults to current.


Out of Beta/Plugin Store
Adds Trigger for Motion Stopped/Motion False
Add Variable automatically created with Animated Gif - lastAnimGif - contains the local path to this file (for use in iMsg/Other sending)
Few Debugging Changes

Few silly, but major bugs found and squashed
Fix ordering of Animated Gif order and fixed possibility of wrong camera
Change to some of logging.
Renumbering of saved files to 100-115 to avoid logic sorting issues
Deleting tmp files on startup / to avoid upgrade issues

Fix for Plugin Prefs Change on upgrade

Updated Readme, and more..
Add Http Server to Plugin itself - no need to use variables or Basic/Digest Authentication to Indigo
Starts new Server listening for BI defaults to port 4556 [set in Plugin Config]

In BlueIris add the following alert, request from web service
IndigoIP =
4556 = Default Port
Code: Select all

Add self.stopThread pass to new thread (to avoid exception message when force stopping/restarting depending on timing
Remove some debugging lines
Add Enable/Disable Generate Animated Gifs as Action Group per Camera/s
Add Status PluginTriggeringEnabled to each Camera.
Action Group Enable/Disable PluginTriggering for Camera/s reset at startup to Enabled.
Both enabled you to by actions disable animated gifs for individual cameras/ and disable triggering of the plugin (without chaning BlueIris Settings

Thanks for gifsicle and giflossy have added animated gif generation per camera to Plugin
Consider this a Beta
Will update documentation in a bit after some more testing

- Fix for Wrong PluginName for Update
- Add States to Server Device:
SystemName - Name of System
Admin - Whether current user is admin or not
Audio - Audio enabled
User - Reported Username from BI
Version - BI Version Number
- Add States to BI Camera Device:
Motion Detector On/Off True/False
Camera Paused -1,0 as per BI
PtzCycle True/False
- Some debug changes

Remove a few unneeded menu items
Updating code functioning. Waiting new StoreAPI
Update menu items updated.

Add action Set Camera Config:
Selectable for each Camera; requires BI admin access
Send Reset to Camera
Enable/Disable Motion Detection
Enable/Disable Camera
Start PTZ Cycle/Stop PTZ Cycle

Add some debug options; remove lots of debugging unless option selected
Add Triggers/Events for within Indigo when Camera Motion Detected
- Trigger on Camera Motion; Select Camera
(Will be retriggered based on BI retriggering timing
Updated Readme to reflect Forum
Add Plugin store Icon

Add width setting to camera (to max of image size
Keeps portions
eg. width of 1080 for 1920x1080 etc
Won't allow higher than higest default value for camera
Fix for startup Moton Device Types

Add Camera Config setting for saving Image to local file
Saved to :Documents/Indigo-BlueIris/Camername.jpg
Select/Deselect this occuring when camera triggered
Startup/Shutdown cosmetic changes to icon/status

More checks for login incorrect details
Add Main BI Server Device. This is generated in PluginConfig Page with the Login button
Allows CPU,Mem Monitoring
Change to generate Cameras - generate them in PluginConfig. If deleted won't be recreated unless this button is pressed again
Create Variables in BlueIris/Variable folder enabled BI to tell plugin what is happening
Fix: Remove device from Profile selection
Working Profiles