BlueIris Plugin -FAQ/Troubleshooting

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BlueIris Plugin -FAQ/Troubleshooting


BlueIris Server CPU Optimisation:

Useful information here:

Camera & Server Device(s) have multiple States that can be used for events:


Whether or not the Camera has Motion Detection enabled in BlueIris

This defaults to enabled - so any camera based trigger will run. It also becomes enabled when plugin starts or restarts.
But if set to Disabled via an Action (specific Indigo Action are used to turn on/off) then no Indigo trigger for this camera will run until it is re:enabled, or Indigo, or the Plugin restarts.
With BlueIris everything will continue, recording, motion etc. Its just turning of Indigo triggering - so could use overnight; or when home to stop Gif's being sent etc. (& BI will still record)

This is True/False depending whether the camera currently has detected Motion.
Can be used to trigger events if motion detected - or can use Event trigger.

Time of Last Detected Motion (!)

The above two states are updated as required/as motion happens. The remaining starts periodically by pulling the information from the Camera.

Server Device States

The BI Server Main Server Device also has a number of useful states.

The name of BI Server that you have connected to

The current running version of the BI server

The systems current CPU usage.

Active Profile

Memory Load/Free of BI Server

Current warnings from Server


Won't Download Images from BI:
Check Login Details.
Check User rights from with Blue Iris Server.
Check Webserver Settings:
html picture upload

Particularly setting above
"Use secure session keys and login page"
This needs to be unchecked.

Plugin Does not receive the Motion triggers from BI Server

You need to enter for each camera with BlueIris the following in the Alerts, request from web-server page:



Code: Select all
When Triggered
    POST text: Indigo
 Request again when trigger is reset
    POST text: Indigo

IndigoIP = is IP address of Indigo Server (in the picture above example it is
4456 = is the Port Set within the Plugin
Make sure you haven't entered the http:// twice (in BlueIris it is selected in the pulldown)

Showing Live Video Feed in Indigo Touch Control Page

This is actually nothing to do with the plugin - but thought should make note of this here for others reference.

Within Control Page Setup:
Create a Refreshing Image URL:
Image Size as you wish
Code: Select all

Code: Select all

From within BlueIris or the Plugin the short Camera Name is highlighted in the camera properties box; or within the Plugin for each Camera is the optionValue result

Then selected refresh rate - 1 or more seconds.

And away you go!

(You can make it even easier and turn-off password for LAN traffic from within BI, and then username/password fields are not required)

Within BlueIris Web Server setup - it also pays to increase the max number of connections as Indigo does create multiple connections; and sometimes if not set to a high number these can block/fail.


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