Garage Door with Alexa

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Mon Jun 21, 2021 1:22 pm
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Garage Door with Alexa

I'm using a Cynical Behaviors Garage door device (with Lutron RadioRa2) to control my garage doors via Alexa, and it has been working great with the old Alexa-Hue bridge. However, with the new 2021.1 Alexa app, the garage status is reported incorrectly. With the cynical garage door virtual device, the state is OFF when the garage is CLOSED, and ON when the garage is OPEN. However, this seems to be the opposite of what the new Alexa plugin/Alexa expect. Is there any way to reverse the state of a Garage door or another easy way to get this to work with the new Alexa plugin? I guess I could create a simple virtual device, but I like all the added features of the Behaviors plugin...

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