Cynical SecuritySpy NewB Issue

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Cynical SecuritySpy NewB Issue

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I've had the Cynical Security Spy plugin for sometime but didn't really use it. As my Insteon motion sensors begin to die, I want to use my IP cams' motion sensing abilities to trigger Indigo devices (flood lights, etc.). I've followed the basic instructions to set up a Cynical PlugIn Camera Server and added devices for each camera I want to have detect motion and trigger another Indigo device. However, I cannot get the camera's motion sensor to trigger the Indigo device. I know the camera is detecting motion via the SecuritySpy app but the Indigo trigger I have set up doesn't seem to work, i.e., the floods do not turn on when motion is detected. Any ideas what I forgot? Also, any "best practices" of how to setup such a trigger? Thanks!
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Re: Cynical SecuritySpy NewB Issue

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BUMP same issue
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