Cynical Behaviors/Garage Door Setup Questions

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Fri Nov 16, 2018 2:02 pm
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Cynical Behaviors/Garage Door Setup Questions

I'm trying to use the Garage Door device type of Cynical Behaviors. I have two garage doors, both with IOLincs connected.

Configuration prompts me for "Toggle Button" device. Will it work if I just reference to my IOLinc device here? Obviously that device doesn't operate with a simple on/off but instead needs binary output 1 to be turned on. Will the plugin "do the right thing" in this case?

I have my IOLinc set already for momentary operation (that is, when sent an "on" command, it turns on for a fixed period of time, then turns back off after a short delay on its own, which matches what the GDO expects to see). I see a "button duration" time in the plugin which makes me think this may try to send ON followed by OFF. I'm hoping that sending an extra binary-output 1 OFF command won't do any harm... Anyone know how this works? I see some evidence in the forums that others are using this plugin with IOLincs. Can I put something like "0" in this field to disable the turn off, since I don't need it for IOLinc set to momentary mode?

Configuration prompts me for "Open Sensor" device. Again, will it work if I just reference my IOLinc device here? I want the plugin to use the binary input, not the on/off state of the device. Will the plugin do the right thing with my IOLinc here?

I tried creating a Garage Door device and trying it out, using my IOLinc for both Toggle Button and Open Sensor device. Something that confused me a bit is that it shows its state being "on", whereas the docs that I read indicated the possible states were "open", "closed", "opening", "closing", or "error". So it looks like maybe something is not working right, so I thought I'd ask.

I'm surprised not to find a thread discussing Garage Door devices - maybe I overlooked something? Sorry if if I failed to find the best place for this post.

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