Nanoleaf Controller - Version 1.0.6 Available

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Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:41 am
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Nanoleaf Controller - Version 1.0.6 Available

I have uploaded V1.0.6 to Github .

Changes in this version are:
  • Updated the README documentation to reflect the latest changes.
  • Added physical device MAC Address to device state and device config dialogue.
  • Added capability to update device IP address in case it changes e.g. it might be reset via DHCP.
  • Added auto-discovery if polling detects a device is no-ack.
  • Added error warning message if a device IP Address change is detected.
  • Enhanced discovery messages to include MAC Address and host address (in case overridden).
  • Corrected message typos.
  • Corrected bugs in polling logic.
  • Corrected bug in nanoleaf device deletion logic.
See main announcement post for download link. :)
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