nanoleaf Tip: Brightening & Dimming

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Sat Jun 17, 2017 8:22 am
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nanoleaf Tip: Brightening & Dimming

Just tested this and so I thought I would share this tip. :)

As mentioned in the documentation, the nanoloeaf Controller plugin supports all the standard Indigo UI controls.
In particular, it supports Device Actions > Light/Appliance Controls > Brighten by % | Dim by %

This means you can use another device to control the brightening and dimming of the nanoleaf.

I have tested using a Z-Wave Remotec Scene Master ZRC-90 - see

As an example, you need to set-up an Indigo Trigger as follows:
  • Trigger
      Type: Z-Wave Command Received
    • Event: Incoming Command Received from Device
    • Edit Event Settings...: From: ZRC-90 Device, Received: Button 1 Held Down
  • Condition: As required - not used?
  • Actions:
    • Type: Brighten by % (Light/Appliance Controls)
    • Device: nanoleaf device
    • Amount: 2% (or value as required)
The state in the Indigo UI gets updated continuously, so when you release the button, the state should be up-to-date. :)

I guess the same could be done with an Insteon dimmer switch but I don't have any Insteon devices?

Hope this might prove useful :)

PS. I have implemented a change to enable this in my LIFX plugin and so I thought I had better check out whether my nanoleaf plugin would work and support this as well? I was pleased to find it did - the LIFX plugin update will follow in a short while.

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