Motion Heat Maps

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Sat Jul 08, 2017 9:51 am
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Motion Heat Maps

I just added the instructions for setting up a motion heat map dynamic control - see the pdf manual when you download the plugin (

The basic over view:

1) Create a 10x10 transparent image
2) Create a trigger to make the image opaque when motion is detected
3) Slowly make the image transparent over time by adding additional actions with a delay on each one.
4) Add the image to a control page as a refreshing image and set the dimensions to the size you want.

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Sun Jul 16, 2017 2:30 pm
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Re: Motion Heat Maps

Favor & Question

Favor: Could I get a higher resolution copy of your screen shots for this. I'm sure it's pretty self explanatory... but if there is a way to dork it up, I will.

Question: How does the fading of the heat map work when motion is detected within that 3 minute time period? It looks like once the trigger fires, there will be multiple (7) delay actions....
In a high traffic area, I could see multiple overlapping delays that may cause the image to flicker between opaque and transparent.

My thought: Either the initiating trigger should have an initial action of "disable trigger, auto-enable after 3m 30s" or there should be an initial action that would clear out any current delayed actions. My thought is clearing out delays would be the best solution....

If motion detected at 5:00pm, image is now opaque.
5:01, image is transparent 180
5:02, image is transparent 100
5:03, motion detected, delays cleared, image reset to opaque.
5:04, image is transparent 180
5:05, image is transparent 100
5:06, image is transparent 30

If you disable the trigger instead of clearing the delays, then in the example above, the motion at 5:03 would have been missed and the image would be completely transparent at 5:03.30.

I'm also curious if this could be achieved with a timer function and if that would be easier or more difficult to maintain for a heat map. I have dynamic content currently with motions sensors and a timer. Motion restarts the timer and changes a control page image. If motion is detected somewhere else, the image is changed and the timer restarts. When the timer ends, a default image is loaded. By adjusting the value of the timer device, i can adjust the duration that all triggered images are on the control page. I also use this with other than motion as inputs. Example: Living Room light state change, fan state change, DSC motion detector, camera motion and side door state all have triggers "activity_living room_xxx" (where xxx is the initiating device) which restarts the timer and takes a snapshot of the living room camera an puts it on my control page for 3 minutes. I like the still shot because I now have a three minute window to look up and see what the activity was that triggered it. If it was a live shot, chances are whatever set off the trigger is now gone. I use separate triggers for all the inputs and they also update a variable that is overlayed on the control page to tell me which device (camera motion, DSC motion, side door, etc.) Lastly, I use a variable for a condition for the triggers.... "inside" "outside" "all" with buttons on the control page to change the variable. So if the kids are all home and I'm sick of the control page changing every 2 seconds, I switch it to "Outside" so I only get updates on that page for outside events.

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Mon Jul 17, 2017 1:20 am
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Re: Motion Heat Maps

I'll forward higher res images tomorrow.

I create a separate fading image for each motion sensor. Then layer the individual images on top of each other on the control page.

Most motion sensors won't detect motion for some period of time after it is triggered (I think 5 minutes). By having the image fade to clear after 3 minutes the actions are done running before the next trigger is tripped.

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Thu Jul 27, 2017 2:58 am
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Re: Motion Heat Maps

Hi, I am really keen on this as well. Yes, most zwave battery motion sensors only trigger motion once every 3 or 5 mins. But mains ones (Aeon 6 in 1) can be set to be more frequent, and I use the hardwired sensors in my alarm system (thanks to the Texecom plugin from racarter) and they can repeatedly retrigger. It would be great to see a path of someone moving through the house, and it fading, but if they are moving in the same room and the sensors keep getting triggered, for it to reset the timer with every motion detected, even if its only 10 seconds after the last one.

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