Security Camera - Change Log - Current Version 2.0

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Sat Jan 21, 2017 2:33 am
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Security Camera - Change Log - Current Version 2.0


WARNING! This update will require you to rebuild all of your camera devices.

1. Updated the CFBundleIdentifier for the plugin store.
2. Bug fixes


PLEASE NOTE: This is a major new release of the Security camera software. Before upgrading please:

1. Turn off all cameras from within the previous version of the plugin (not the camera itself).
2. Perform the upgrade.
3. Open the plugin configuration file and save.
4. Open each of the camera devices and re-save.
5. Turn cameras back on.

PLEASE NOTE: The motion sensing has dramatically change and previous use of motion detection triggers will no longer work. Please read the manual to reset all of your motion detection.


- Improved performace
- Use of Request code
- Handles basic and digest authentication
- Code improvements and clean-up
- More efficient file handling


- Object detection
- Improved performance
- More detailed motion triggering
- Live motion display

- Save a low resolution version of the Mosaic
- Further reduce file size of the low res image
- If a camera is turned off (via Actions) it will not be displayed in the carousel
- Misc bug fixes

1.6 - Bandwidth Release
- Ability to specify the resolution of images when using the snapshot action
Master Image:
- New Master Image that can toggle between high and low resolution.
- Low resolution carousel.
- Pause camera loop
- Manual forward camera loop
- Play/Pause Recording
- Forward/backward frames in recordings
Flag to show if a recording has been played before
- Bug fix
Fixed issue when trying to play a recording and the recording does not exist

- Fixed issue with error when loading a master image if there is a missing recording
- Fixed issue where the Camera Command action was not being displayed



Changes on how images are processed:
- Option to specify the JPG compression (original, high, medium, low)
- Sizing of the image keeps the original aspect ratio versus scaling. Black bars will show either above/below or left/right of the original image

File type camera:
- Ability to pull an image from a local file

Misc Changes:
- Select to use urlib or urlib2 for image capture
- Simplified some of the configuration setup


- Fixed an issue where a camera could go unavailable and would require a re-load of the image to recover.
- The plugin will now continue to retry a camera if it goes off line.
- Switched to urllib2 to get images versus urllib.
- To accomplish this the user name/password needs to be stored as separate fields

Note: I attempt to pull the user name and password from the original url. if this doesn't work you may need to manually update the url, user name, and password.

- Improved handeling of threads
- Reduced chance of run away threads
- Improved performance
- improved identification of cameras that are unresponsive
- Changed naming convention of original files to reduce file copying
- Note: known bug that if a camera's url does not return any error but doesn't load an image the device will not recover. Increasing the timeout period helps rectify this error.

- Moved all code away from ImageMagick and to native Python Pillow code for all image manipulation
- Run 'sudo pip install Pillow' before updating
- May need to open and save each device
- Move to a more native program that was not reliant on external code
- Fixed issue with AirFoil
- Added check version code to assist with auto updates.
- Significant code optimization to improve future changes and updates.
- Added ability to run a camera command (url command).
- Added ability to turn off image manipulation
- Added ability to turn off motion detecting

- bug fixes

- Added a max Sensitivity and a Minimum Sensitivity to allow for more presise motion configuration
- bug fix on creating a new device

- Action: Take Snapshot - save single image to file
- Action: Take Mosaic - save last six images into a singel image mosaic
- Improved motion detection
- changed to label format for date stamp

- Camera not available/off default image
- Removed CameraStatus state
- CameraState = No/Yes/Unavailable
- Image enhancement flags
- Auto Level
- Normalize
- Enhance
- Image Border
- Image width and height
- single line for URL
- Toggle Carousel - click on carrousel image to hold camera/rotate

- Use symbolic links for Master images to reduce file IO
- bug fixes
- improved process for checking if a camera is responding


- thread tracking to decrease potential duplicate threads open
- combined imagemajick command into single line
- improved image management
- other bug fixes


- bug fixes


- initial release to Indigo forum
- motion detection on cameras


- camera recording


- image carousel
- master image switching


- initial image capture

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