Security Camera - Change Log - (see sub-forum)

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Wed Nov 30, 2016 11:04 pm
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Security Camera - Change Log - (see sub-forum)

Security camera change log moved to specific sub-forum.

- Moved all code away from ImageMagick and to native Python Pillow code for all image manipulation
- Run 'sudo pip install Pillow' before updating
- May need to open and save each device
- Move to a more native program that was not reliant on external code
- Fixed issue with AirFoil
- Added check version code to assist with auto updates.
- Significant code optimization to improve future changes and updates.
- Added ability to run a camera command (url command).
- Added ability to turn off image manipulation
- Added ability to turn off motion detecting

- Added a max Sensitivity and a Minimum Sensitivity to allow for more presise motion configuration
- bug fix on creating a new device
- Updates to the README

- Action: Take Snapshot - save single image to file
- Action: Take Mosaic - save last six images into a single image mosaic
- Improved motion detection
- changed to label format for date stamp

- Camera not available/off default image
- Removed CameraStatus state
- CameraState = No/Yes/Unavailable
- Image enhancement flags
- Auto Level
- Normalize
- Enhance
- Image Border
- Image width and height
- single line for URL
- Toggle Carousel - click on carrousel image to hold camera/rotate

- Use symbolic links for Master images to reduce file IO
- bug fixes
- improved process for checking if a camera is responding


- thread tracking to decrease potential duplicate threads open
- combined imagemajick command into single line
- improved image management
- other bug fixes


- bug fixes


- official release
- initial release to Indigo forum
- motion detection on cameras


- camera recording


- image carousel
- master image switching


- initial image capture
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Thu Dec 08, 2016 1:16 pm
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Re: Security Camera - Change Log - Version 1.3.5

Anyone else having a problem with version 1.3.5? I opened an issue:

Seems like 1.3.5 isn't accepting my user:pass@IP urls, or launching any sort of wizard to assist.

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Fri Dec 09, 2016 12:23 am
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Re: Security Camera - Change Log - Version 1.3.5

I posted a fix and updated the README to be more clear. The wizard is part of iSpy not part of the plugin.

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