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Plugin Information

This is a basic plugin that logs into an XMPP account and interprets messages as Indigo commands. It provides basic control over devices, variables & action groups through a chat interface, such as Google Talk or Jabber. There is still a lot of work to do, so please consider this a "proof of concept" at this point.

- Create a dedicated Jabber or Gmail account (this will be the "bot" account)
- Add the bot as a friend/contact on your regular account
- You may need to log in as the bot and accept the contact request

- Install xmpppy to under the Python 2.5 site_packages. This is easiest to do using the command line: easy_install-2.5 xmpppy
- Install the plugin, restart the Indigo server
- After enabling the plugin, you will need to provide the login information for your bot

Examples of commands:
- turn on House Lights
- set mode to away
- run My Custom Action Group
- status Daily Schedule

Limitations / Known Issues:
- The bot does not respond to all commands every time - may be an issue in xmpppy
- The bot assumes "Title Case" on all items except variables (first letter of each word must be capitalized)

Some of the ideas for this plugin come from DVDDave's iMessage Script

Standard disclaimer: this bot is very experimental. I have tried to test it thoroughly, however there are likely some cases I've missed. It shouldn't do anything harmful, but it may not work entirely as expected. If you find issues or have any comments, please report them here and I will try to update the plugin accordingly.

To keep up to date with the latest changes, browse the Source Code.
To view all releases of this plugin, visit the Releases page.

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