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Wed Feb 08, 2012 7:21 pm
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Proliphix™ Plugin

An updated beta of the Proliphix Thermostat plugin is now available on dropbox.

This version adds support for the new plugin thermostat device type added in Indigo 5.0.3. Devices created with this plugin will now appear in all Indigo GUIs (DEVICES Pane, Control Pages & Indigo-Touch) the same as Venstar thermostats.

Please note the following before installing this beta:
  • You will need to delete and re-create your thermostat devices.
  • There may be cosmetic issues with temperature and setpoint displays:
    • Temperatures may appear with many digits to the right of the decimal point.
    • Setpoints will appear as integers (no decimal value) in the Indigo-Touch app.
  • Because of differences between the Proliphix thermostat architecture and the Venstar architecture (on which the Indigo device base class is modeled) some functions, like Hold and Override, are not available in the UI. However, they are still available as actions.
  • Several thermostat states no longer appear in the UI but are still available as triggers. These are:
    • Operating state
    • Operating Mode
    • Current Period
    • Thermostat State
    • Fan State
    • Class
    • Last Data Read
  • Compressor furnace feedback is not yet implemented.
  • Fan control has not yet been implemented. This will be in the next beta.
  • The Refresh All UI button only refreshes the currently selected thermostat, not all thermostats. The refresh all menu item will refresh ALL thermostats.
  • The documentation has not been updated. If you need help, just post your questions to this topic.

The plugin has been tested with the NT20e and MT550. However, because of the number of Proliphix thermostat products, there may be problems with other models. Please report any/all problems to this forum topic.

Release notes:
v 1.9.1 (2.0b1) Feb 05, 2012
    Requires Indigo 5.0.3 or later
    Major re-write to support Indigo 5.0.3 thermostat object.
    Fixed bug in setting MT thermostats.
    Added timer to allow multiple 1 degree incremental temp changes (UI) with only one send.

v 1.9.2 (2.0b2) Feb 29, 2012
    Fixed a cosmetic bug in the plugin config.
    A restart is no longer required for plugin preferemnces changes.
    After any changes in plugin preferences, all thermostats will be re-read.

v 1.9.3 (2.0b3) Nov 30, 2012
    Fixed a problem with ShowCoolHeatEquipmentStateUI not appearing in a new device.
    Added handlers for device add, change and delete to rebuild device list.

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Thu Nov 30, 2017 8:03 pm
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Re: Proliphix™ Plugin

Version 1.10.0 of the Proliphix thermostat plugin is now available from The Indigo Plugin Store.

Changes in this release are:
  • Change from urllib2 to "requests"
  • Revised exception on connection errors
  • General code cleanup

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