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Wed Dec 14, 2011 12:23 pm
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Group Trigger plugin

Beta 0.9.15 is now available on dropbox

This release adds an option to save the name of the triggering variable or device to an Indigo variable. This can be specified independently for the On and Off trigger events. The Indigo variable name(s) can be set by the user.

Release notes:
    v 0.9.14 Feb 26, 2012
  • Changed the display name to Group Trigger.
  • Fixed bug in auto-off trigger ID selection.
  • Fixed a bug which caused an endless loop if a trigger device was also a controlled device.
  • Fixed a bug in the Condition check setting.
  • Fixed a bug in the processing of false valued variables./list]

      v 0.9.15 Mar 15, 2012
    • Added option to save device and variable names to an Indigo variable.

    Note: If upgrading from v0.9.5 you will need to disable the previous plugin, and delete any devices you may have created, sorry.

    The Group-Triggers plugin, allows you to use the On or Off state of multiple devices and/or variables to trigger an arbitrary set of actions. The functionality is much like creating one Indigo Action Group that is called by many triggers. The plugin installs into Indigo by simply double clicking the plugin icon.

    You may configure the plugin by: Plugins-> Indigo Group Trigger-> Configure...
    There are two settings (both optional):
    • Definition of a custom pair of test values for variables used in triggers.
        Enter the True and False values to be used.
        For example True = 'Home' and False = 'Away'
        Note, the plugin uses a caseless comparison so Home, home, HOME, etc are all the same.
    • You may also set the logging/debug level.

    To use the Group-Triggers plugin you must create at least one Group-Trigger. To do this, click New in the Indigo TRIGGERS window. You will see a new Trigger dialog, select: Type: = plugin; Plugin: = Indigo Group Trigger, Model: = Group Trigger.
    gt1.png (55.02 KiB) Viewed 8605 times

    Next, click Edit Event Settings...
    A new window will appear. This is where you add Indigo devices to your trigger group. The first step is to determine if you want to respond to an ON event from the devices in the ON list (which you will create below). You have 4 options:
    • Do nothing
    • Use Action in this trigger
    • Use another Trigger
    • Use an Action Group

    If you choose a Trigger (either the Action in this Trigger, or another Action), you will then be offered the option to Process Trigger conditions?
    If you check this box, then the Trigger Action will only be processed if the conditions defined in the Trigger's conditions tab are met.

    Next, define the source of the OFF event trigger. You have three options:
    • An Off/False event from a device or a variable
    • An automatically generated resettable Off command based on a time delay
    • An automatically generated fixed (non-resettable) Off command based on a time delay

    If you chose an Off/False event you will be shown two additional multi-selection menus to chose the source(s) of those events.
    gt-1.png (95.25 KiB) Viewed 8345 times

    If you chose an auto-off timer, you will be shown a text field to enter the timeout value.
    gt-2.png (84.05 KiB) Viewed 8345 times

    Now, select any devices that will be monitored for the ON and OFF events, and any variables that will be monitored for True and False values. Variables must have values matching the following sets of values:
      True - False
      On - Off
      Open - Closed
      Yes - No
      non-0 - 0
An optional custom value pair defined in the plugin config.
Note: Only variables with a value matching one of the values noted above will appear in the variable menu.

You can select none, one or many devices and/or variables.

Click Save, and then Click Ok.

Note that ANY On from ANY device or variable that is set to Execute the ON Trigger will cause the trigger to be executed. This behavior is the same for the Off Trigger setting as well. Future releases iof this plugin may offer the option of having ALL devices be On or off.

You can now create the triggers and/or Action Groups for your group. If you wish to have a condition applied to the Action, you should define the action as part of a trigger, otherwise, use an Action Group.

Note, when creating a separate trigger it is not necessary to define any trigger settings on the Trigger tab. Any settings on that tab will be ignored by the plugin. Next set any conditions that will apply and finally define the Action(s) to take.

You may create multiple Group Triggers.

To create actions that turn off automatically after a period of time, simply use the Auto-off after feature in an Indigo Turn On action. If you want the group to turn-off automatically, you will not need to create an Off trigger, and you should set the grouped device to ignore off commands.

Please have fun with this plugin, experiment and see what applications you can come up with. Of course, please also report any bugs or problems in this forum as well.

A note for Plugin Developers: This plugin supports all Indigo devices which support the onOffState state indigo.devices.states['onOffState']. Support is provided for custom plugin devices which contain ...states['onOffState'] as a OnOff boolean. This will allow the states of alarm zones, relay boxes, etc. to be used as members of a group trigger.
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Sun Mar 09, 2014 12:21 pm
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Re: Group Trigger plugin

Beta 0.9.17 is now available on dropbox

This release fixes two minor bugs, one of which only affected users of the ad2usb plugin..

Release notes:
    v 0.9.16 Jan 13, 2013
  • Fixed bug in deviceUpdated() where new devices without onOffState threw errors

    v 0.9.17 Nov 21, 2013
  • Added back support for ad2usb zone devices. Broken after changes to the ad2usb plugin.

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Tue Dec 16, 2014 7:06 pm
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Re: Group Trigger plugin

Beta 0.9.20 is now available on dropbox

This release adds support for Incoming Insteon events. Note: X10 is not supported in this release.

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