soft launch of a newer APCUPSD plugin

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Tue Feb 21, 2017 12:50 pm
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soft launch of a newer APCUPSD plugin

After much promise of fame and fortune, I have taken the APCUPSD plugin 0.4.2 and am accepting responsibility for its next phase of future development. This was done with the acknowledgment of @Berkinet, and with much thanks to him for the condition the plugin was in when I started my efforts.

Because this is a soft launch (a beta if you will), there may be things that need to be fixed to make it work on your system and I'm here to facilitate that as quickly as I can. What I need most is feedback. If you decide to install this now, please reply to this post with a short summary of your experience or a detailed description of what isn't working right and any Indigo log entries that apply to this plugin. I'd appreciate knowing which version of Indigo you are using as well… just in case I've missed a special case. When things are settled I'll either make this release a non-beta, or release a new version to start the cycle over again.

Of note is that internally to the plugin its ID has now changed. That means that there is a migration for users of version 0.4.2 or earlier to go through! Hopefully my writeup on the migration in the documentation is thorough enough (and correct) to get everyone up and running without issue.

The plugin code, etc. are now hosted on GitHub. This will allow others to make code changes of their own and issue "push requests" for consideration of inclusion in the general distribution. We all win!

To those of you still reading this and willing, please find the documentation here. It has links to the repository's releases, including the release notes. The official release will start with the consolidated release notes since 0.4.2 to make it easier to see if a release is right for your situation.

The current version of the plugin that needs to be downloaded and tested is described as 0.5.1 beta. You only need to download

For any of you running Indigo 5 with this plugin there is now a section of the documentation just for you that must be followed. I should know… I'm an Indigo 5 user! 8)

Do give feedback on the documentation as well as the plugin itself! Once a few more users have had a chance to give their comments on it I'll then include it into a formal announcement here in the forums.

And thank you so much for trying this new plugin!


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