APCUPSD Plugin discussion

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Sun Nov 24, 2019 7:57 pm
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Re: APCUPSD Plugin discussion

There's an APCUPSD email list that is very good about responding to questions. I suspect that you might get more traction there since it's a dedicated group.

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Sun Nov 24, 2019 8:21 pm
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Re: APCUPSD Plugin discussion

Yeah I thought that might be the best option.. just thought I’d try here first

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Mon Feb 03, 2020 6:37 pm
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Re: APCUPSD Plugin discussion

Has anyone seen an APC UPS fail at the battery level, but not show a bad battery indicator on the LCD of the device?

We had an unusual power outage last night, and it seems like my entire Indigo/HA setup crashed as soon as it went out (hard to tell exactly, since it happened overnight and there are no Indigo logs seemingly as soon as the power went out). So none of my triggers, alerts, etc. functioned, and the Mac fired itself back up on power resumption, which means it didn't go through a controlled shutdown. In troubleshooting, I looked at the APC utility on the Mac, and it's reporting "Online-LowBat". Under the events tab there is a "Replace battery" warning.

None of this is shocking, I think it might be 5-6 years old. But I was surprised that looking at the device itself (on the little LCD display) there are no warnings. It shows a full battery icon, and the "bad battery" symbol (which I found in the manual) isn't lit. It does show an estimated run time of 0 minutes when I cycle through the menus. Other than that, without the utility running there would be no indication of the problem.

I guess I'm going to buy a new battery and change it out, but just figured I'd throw the question out to the forum here before I drop $50 on a new battery, in case anyone has ay insights on the mismatch of data.

Device is a APC XS 1500.


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