Phidgets22 Plugin Discussion

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Tue Nov 21, 2023 3:34 am
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Re: Phidgets22 Plugin Discussion

landry wrote:
Hi Richard

just want to say phidgets22 with Indigo 20223.1 works with all my 888 & 2222 interfaces , sbc;'s and sensors.. Great plugin .!!!
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Thanks for the report! BTW, I have a display device and will see about getting support added.

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Wed Nov 22, 2023 7:32 pm
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Re: Phidgets22 Plugin Discussion

Hi Richard

I appreciate your further development. I just want to relay some great improvements in stability performance with Indigo 2.023.1 and Phidegets 22. I live in small coastal town where power not uncommon due to coastal storms. With Phidget 12, after a reboot from a power failure recovery, it took manual rebooting of all theSBC's and toggling the phiddgets plugin to get these' devices to handshake with the Indigo server. With the Phidgets 22 and Indigo 20-23.11, after a power failure recovery, , the server rebooted and all the phidget devices were automatically immediately back on line. No issues.!!

I am exited because sensor that gives a -0 to 5 volt or 4 to 20 mA signal now can be interfaced to all m devices in Indigo!! Projects glalore !!

What did notice is the Rachio Plugin and the Z wave interface and to be manually loaded. I had to reboot the server to get the Indigo Reflector going again;. . My server is online wit Starlink with a back up of a very slow cable network.. Maybe Jay might want to comment on this observation.

Well done Richard!!
Don' t know if you celebrate it in France bit HappyThanksgiving!!

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