Alexa/Echo plugins stopped after close lightning strike

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Sun Apr 07, 2019 9:44 pm
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Alexa/Echo plugins stopped after close lightning strike

About 12:38am last evening we had a lightning strike close enough to cause an IP camera to have seizures, probably took out video-out from from the cable box (or the Yamaha receiver), and did unknown damage to my ancient X10-based Indigo system. The major effect, though it seems, is that the three Alexa-related Echo 2, Echo Dot 2, and Alexa-Hue Bridge plugins now stop. Full stop. Only Alexa-Echo components seem to be effected; Indigo Touch on our iPhones/iPads work fine; i.e., the INSTEON modem is still working.

I'll attach several snippets from the log to give someone with the right knowledge and expertise a chance to augur what I might have to do to resolve the problem. I won't even speculate, here, and reveal my complete ignorance on the matter of plugins, logs, and trace-backs. What am I up against? Most code is from about 6pm this evening when I tried to get the system up and running, again.

Thanks hope and help.

- Tom

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Mon Apr 08, 2019 12:44 am
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Re: Alexa/Echo plugins stopped after close lightening strike

Lightning - not a nice thing to happen. :(

Looks like you have a wider problem than just the Alexa-Hue Bridge? :?

Do your Alexa devices respond when you speak to them e.g. if you say "What's the weather like today?"?

Regarding the Alexa-Hue Bridge, The plugin appears to be stopped therefore something basic must have gone wrong.

Restart the plugin and then post the Indigo Event Log from just before you restarted the plugin.

We'll see if that casts any light on the problem. :)

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Mon Apr 08, 2019 9:31 am
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Re: Alexa/Echo plugins stopped after close lightening strike

I think you've got a disk error that's causing permissions to get munged, so I'd imagine you have quite a few different issues. Try doing a disk repair and if that doesn't work try rerunning the Indigo 7 installer which will also try to fix permission issues.

Jay (Indigo Support)
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Tue Apr 09, 2019 7:14 am
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Re: Alexa/Echo plugins stopped after close lightning strike

Alexa was working fine on all commands unrelated to Indigo: answered questions, responded to Harmony Hub commands, only those involving Alexa-Hue Bridge.

1. Ran First Aid on HD and escaped with 'system appears to be OK,' '...exit code is 0'

2. Reinstalled Indigo 7.2 and now Alexa is doing lights, again, at our house. :)

Thanks for the comments and advice.

Anyone for a southern fried IP Camera?

- Tom

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