Upgraded server, now I can't get Discovery working

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Mon Jan 07, 2019 10:52 am
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Upgraded server, now I can't get Discovery working

First, thanks for providing this plug-in. I've been using it successfully for months and loving it.

Now, I just upgraded my server (Mac Mini) over the weekend to a newer generation Mac Mini. Along the way, I upgraded the OS to Mojave and re-installed Indigo 7.2.

All components, from MacOS up to Indigo and the Alexa-Hue Bridge plug-in are current. Mac Mini is on a wired gigabit network, and I've disabled all other network services.

Indigo is running just fine, and I can access all my devices around the home. That includes via the Indigo Touch app on my iPhone and iPad, FWIW.

I deleted and then re-installed the Alexa Bridge device. Debug logs show the plug-in loaded and is running successfully. I even manually entered my server's IP number.

I set up one device to be published on the Alexa-Hue bridge, verified Discovery is on, and then told my Echo to "Discover Devices", but no love. I can't get it to find my device. I'd like to publish all my devices, of course, but I appear to be stuck.

Is this a known issue? If so, how have others resolved it? Any workarounds or such I should try?

Thanks for any help.



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Mon Jan 07, 2019 11:25 am
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Re: Upgraded server, now I can't get Discovery working

The plugin is working OK for me running Indigo 7.2.0 on macOS Mojave 10.14.2 running on a 2017 iMac. :)

If the plugin created Alexa devices are already visible via the amazon.alexa.com website, then it might be best to "forget" the existing devices via the Smart Home tab on the website and then try discovery again. :)

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Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:35 pm
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Re: Upgraded server, now I can't get Discovery working

Make sure that you don't have both WiFi and Ethernet enabled.

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