Alexa-Hue Bridge Version 3.0.27

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Mon Mar 12, 2018 3:22 pm
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Alexa-Hue Bridge Version 3.0.27

Version 3.0.27 of the Alexa-Hue Bridge has been released as a pre-release version and is now available from the Github.

This Pre-release version is dated -12th March 2018 - it won't appear via the plugin update check. :)

There is still no solution for Amazon Echo Show or Echo (Gen 2) devices not working with discovery.

The changes for this version can be viewed on the Github release notes, but in summary are:

  • New Features Since Official Release 3.0.20:
    • Allows definition of Amazon ECHO devices as Indigo devices. This will enable the effective use of the new network filter feature (see next bullet) and will increase visibility of how commands are processed. Add a new device of type Alexa-Hue Bridge and model Amazon Echo Device. Specify the Amazon Echo's IP address and save. Name the Echo e.g. "Dining Room Echo". The plugin will use that name when any command is received from that Echo. MAKE SURE YOU ASSIGN A STATIC IP ADDRESS TO YOUR AMAZON ECHOS IF YOU USE THIS FACILITY
    • Network Filter can be used to limit the plugin's processing to only the Amazon ECHO devices previously defined as Indigo devices. It is enabled by checking the plugin configuration option: Non-Echo Filter
      If you enable this, YOU MUST DEFINE INDIGO ECHO DEVICES to refect the Echos you have in use, otherwise the plugin won't receive any messages from the Echos as it won't know about them. Using the filter will reduce the network load on the plugin and may help to make it run more effectively.
    • To further facilitate Alexa Routines support, you can specify to treat dim commands as simple on/off. This is setup when defining an Alexa device whilst configuring an Alexa-Hue Bridge. This can be applied to Indigo Devices and Indigo Actions. For an Alexa device that is using an Indigo Device, check the option Indigo Dim Action - (Handle Dim as On/Off?). For an Alexa device that is using Indigo Actions, the Indigo DIM action can be defined as "HANDLE DIM AS ON/OFF". A dim value of 0 (zero) will be treated as off, all other values will be treated as on. This can be very useful when defining Alexa Routines where Alexa passes a dim value to Indigo as opposed to just on or off.
    • Added slight timing delay to maybe/possibly help with non-responding commands. There is a possibility that too quick a response maybe causing low-level messages between Indigo and Alexa to be run out of order?
  • Bug Fixes
    • Made code thread safe which should improve reliability [Added in 3.0.27]
    • Trying another fix for 'port in use' problem when restarting the plugin.
    • Updated the update checker so that it works with revised Github authentication
    • Code tidy-up.
  • Documentation

    • To be updated by the time the Release becomes official. :)

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