Alexa-Hue Bridge Version 3.0.18

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Mon Nov 20, 2017 11:20 am
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Alexa-Hue Bridge Version 3.0.18

Version 3.0.18 of the Alexa-Hue Bridge has been released and is now available on Github.
This version is now the official V3 release - 20th November 2017 - it should appear via the plugin update check. :)

This release (Version 3.0.18) has the following changes:
  • New Feature - Disable Alexa (by Variable) - see WIKI.
  • Bug Fixes - Bug fixes around host address, port management and discovery. Code tidy-up.
  • Documentation - Updated documentation and moved to Wiki. Change information now in Wiki.
This version should hopefully be more reliable. :wink:

A couple of points to note:
  1. Port Address Change - if the port address is changed for an Alexa-hue Bridge, you must do another discovery as otherwise Alexa will continue to send feedback to the port she previously made a note off. If a discovery isn't done, then the plugin will never receive the Alexa request and Alexa will say "the device is not responding".
  2. Forget Devices - this cannot now be done from the iOS App. So the only way to do this is by logging on to your Alexa account at or etc.
    From the left hand window, navigate to Smart Home and then Devices. Scroll to the bottom of the devices window and do a Forget All.
    You must do a Forget Devices if you migrate from Version 2 to Version 3 and then do a re-discovery - see the migration topic in the Wiki.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my BETA testers who provided invaluable feedback for this new version - thanks all for your efforts. :)

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