Alexa-Hue Bridge Version 2.0.11

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Sat Aug 12, 2017 12:57 am
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Re: Alexa-Hue Bridge Version 2.0.11

mrmatt68 wrote:
Does this require internet to work or will the echo and indigo communicate via local area network. I am guessing the amazon device needs to communicate with a server to understand voice commands? I have crappy intermittent satellite internet is why I am asking. I understand I need internet for other functions of the amazon device.

Edit: if I add zigbee lights to the amazon device directly will indigo be able to control them? And would the amazon device need internet for this function? I had a wink device but everything went through a server and was an absolute nightmare with my internet and I am trying to understand how this works before hand.

Alexa (Amazon Echo) requires the internet to work. If the internet is unavailable, Alexa will tell you: "I am having difficulty understanding you at the moment, try again later". All the voice interpretation is done back at Amazon's servers.

The Indigo Alexa-Hue Bridge can only control Indigo devices defined via the Alexa-Hue Bridge Indigo device. Any devices added to an Echo directly can't be controlled from Indigo.

Given your description of your internet connection, I suspect that the Amazon Echo would not be a good fit. :|

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