New Plugin Losing Connection

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Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:20 am
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Re: New Plugin Losing Connection

Thanks for the info :)

Do you have your Indigo Alexa-Hue Bridge(s) set to always discover or only at plugin start?

I presume from what you are reporting, that when the devices go offline in the Alexa App, that you can't control the Indigo devices until the plugin is reloaded?

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Mon Jul 24, 2017 10:22 am
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Re: New Plugin Losing Connection

polycron wrote:
When I go to the Alexa app I see that all of my devices that were published by the bridge are showing up as Offline. I can restart the plugin and do a rediscovery and then they will show up in the Alexa app fine....for a while. At some point it marks them as Offline again. If I restart the plugin the items still show as Offline however I can use the Echo and control items. As soon as I do, the items that I try to control from the echo switch from Offline to Online in the Alexa app.

There have been sporadic reports of this before, and I've seen it happen once here at my house (a long while back) - though I don't believe that restarting the plugin was required to get things working (but I can't remember clearly either). I'm about 90% sure that this is some kind of network issue. The Echo device periodically pings known devices (though I've never really been able to figure out what triggers that) and if it doesn't get a response it marks the devices as offline, but just trying to control them seemed to "fix" them. I was never really able to figure out how to reproduce it though.

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Wed Jul 26, 2017 10:18 pm
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Re: New Plugin Losing Connection

Sorry for the long delay in answering.

When the devices are showing as Offline in the Alexa app, sometimes I can control them and sometimes I can't. As an example I was attempting to turn on the bathroom lights and Alexa kept responding "Sorry i didn't find the device Bathroom". It did this two times. On the third time I asked it to turn off the bathroom lights and it responded "ok". Since the light was already off it didn't do anything with the actual light, but my system did log the command correctly. I went into the Alex app and the device was no longer marked as Offline.

I do not have the Alexa Bridge checked for auto discovery on device start.

My non alexa bridge devices seem to control fine. I'm using the Carrier Infinity Touch and the Harmony Hub smart devices on the Alexa which work fine and always show as online. It is only the alexa-bridge devices that show offline.


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