NEW: Group functionality

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Mon Apr 27, 2020 2:08 pm
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NEW: Group functionality

v1.0.39 is a pretty big update in usability though it's only a small change to the code.

This release adds group support, which means if you have multiple controllers in a room or around your house where one button does the same thing on each controller, you can now do it with one Trigger instead of duplicate Triggers for each controller.

It is backwards compatible so only the triggers you edit will be affected; the rest will continue as they are now.

Just edit any existing Scene Controller trigger and pick up to 5 devices for it to trigger on:

indigo_zwscgroup.png (176.96 KiB) Viewed 565 times

I'm using it in my bedroom where i've just added a second Remotec ZRC-90 controller by the door. I started duplicating all the triggers for Button 1 Click, Button 1 DoubleClick, Button 2 Click.... and got bored - then realised it wouldn't take much to extend the plugin to support this natively.

Now live on the Plugin Store.

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