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Re: Autolog Dynamic View Controller Discussion

PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2019 4:31 pm
by whmoorejr
Image filename restrictions?

I just started re-using this plugin (migrating away from AppleScript solutions to either plugin or python solutions)

I use python script to capture motion images and put them into two folders: IPCamLog and IPCamRotate. In the first folder, the image is saved with a camera_Name_Date_Time.jpg format. I use a script to purge the folder nightly of images older than 45 days. The other part of the script saves the same image as "R.jpg" in the IPCamRotate folder.

So, I've been using ...\Desktop\IPCamRotate\R.jpg as a refreshing image on control pages.

to add more functionality, I want to use your plugin to look at the \IPCamLog\ folder and put the symlinks in a new \DynamicView\ folder.

Well... kinda worked:
When I point to the \IPCamRotate\ folder... everything populates correctly, symlinks work, skip buttons work, etc.
When I point to the \IPCamLog\ folder... no joy. I get a box with a blue X.

Custom States is showing latestMaximum 17 (which is the correct count after I recently purged images)
But latestFilename = .DS_Store

My guess is that maybe it is a formatting issue? In my other folder, the only image it couldn't process was an animated PNG file (unfortunate because those work on non-indigo touch control pages). But everything in that folder is a .jpg

Since I'm re-working all my scrips now.... this would be a good time to know if I need to reformat the filenames to make them compliant with other stuff. (Like I plan on switching to YYYY-MM-DD_HH-MM-SS_CameraName.jpg).

any thoughts?

Sidenote: Sorry for hitting you up on two different pages... after my latest migration to 7.3 I've been drowning in indigo maintenance (updating and reconfiguring plugins, learning python, etc.)

Re: Autolog Dynamic View Controller Discussion

PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2019 10:05 am
by whmoorejr
whmoorejr wrote:
Image filename restrictions?

After some more testing.... it's something else, just not sure what. I renamed the top few images to something simple to see if it was a filename thing.... that didn't change... still wouldn't recognize the image. Checked folder permissions, renamed files.... I'll tinker on my end for a bit to see why it works with one folder and not with another because I don't think that would be easy to replicate on your end.