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Disable Siri from turning on/off all lights?

PostPosted: Thu Dec 12, 2019 11:07 am
by Jason G.
Hey There-

This isn't a question about the HBB plugin, but rather about Siri behavior. Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent Siri from trying to turn on (or off) all lights that are configured in HomeKit?

This is a downstream effect from other general annoyances about Siri... in my family room I have two devices - Lamp1 and Lamp2. If I ask Siri "turn on Lamp 2" she interprets that as "turn on lamp" which in turn tries to turn on ALL LIGHTS IN MY HOME. It is worth noting - I have a lot of smart lights in my home, so this is not a trivial operation.

HomeBridge/Indigo has trouble keeping up with the triggered attempt to turn on all 30+ lights, within Indigo triggers kick off to match the 8-button KPLs to my light status, etc. After a few minutes, everything has finally finished updating, at which point I can start turning the lights/fans off one-by-one.

I'm not really looking for HBB or Indigo to handle this properly - they're just doing their jobs. I put the blame squarely on Siri - both for misunderstanding my request, and for attempting to turn on 30+ things all at once in serial order.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how I might be able to get Siri to behave better? I know I could remove some of the lights from HBB so that they're not visible to Siri, but I do like having all my devices in the Home app on my iPhone. And when it works properly, it is quite nice to ask Siri to turn off an obscure light because my kids may have left it on...