Warning Regarding Deleting HBB Servers

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Fri Dec 22, 2017 5:47 pm
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Warning Regarding Deleting HBB Servers

An issue came up today with a user who could not get his newly created HBB server to recognize in HomeKit. Once I did a remote session with him I saw that he had four HBB servers running but only one in Indigo and it was this that was causing all of his headaches. After killing the processes everything worked perfectly.

This was a code issue that will be resolved in the next Development Release of the software (1.0.7) but until then if you are having issues with HBB and had deleted your server to start over please RESTART THE MAC THAT IS INDIGO'S SERVER. This will ensure that any running processes are all killed. Alternatively, if you are a terminal friendly person you can "ps ax | grep home" and kill EVERY homebridge process running and then start up your HBB server again and all should be well.

This was an excellent discovery and may be the cause of headaches for several users.

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