HBB Integrated Plugin: IFTTT

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Wed Dec 20, 2017 6:29 pm
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HBB Integrated Plugin: IFTTT

This thread is only to discuss any issues or suggestions you have with the new If-This-Then-That (IFTTT) integration for Homebridge Buddy.

This allows you to create web hooks on IFTTT and execute them via your HomeKit applications. This integration does not feed from or into Indigo so it is 100% based on setting up your web hook on IFTTTT and providing the command name to the IFTTT device in Homebridge Buddy.

The Homebridge NPM package description can be found HERE

Available In Version 1.0.4+

This CAN NOT be stressed enough, but before you start experimenting with your Indigo system GET A FULL BACKUP! Every system is a little different, every instance of Indigo is a little different and all of us have different levels of "mission critical" that our home automation may be in so you need to be able to return to your pre-testing configuration in a pinch if it all goes bad! I will work with you extensively on these plugin tests but you should have a fallback in case I am unable to resolve your issue timely. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK ALWAYS. Click here to read up on how to back up Indigo.

IFTTT Device
IFTTTDeviceStep5.png (90.46 KiB) Viewed 596 times

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