Adding other homebridge plugins

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Fri Jan 05, 2018 9:56 am
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Re: Adding other homebridge plugins

macguyincali wrote:
Hey there all.. just want to thank Colorado4Wheeler for putting together this amazing app. Takes Indigo to another level. You sir (or ma'am), are a genius!

LOL, this male of the species thanks you.

macguyincali wrote:
when I try to add Include an Action, for some reason it removes all my devices from home kit EXCEPT the action I included

I'm not sure what you mean. You add an action to the HomeBridge server and then it's the only thing showing? If that is the case then it could be that your HomeKit database itself was corrupt and when it saw the new device it only showed that because it thought the rest were gone.

macguyincali wrote:
is there a way to save the HomeKit configuration so that when devices are removed, they reappear in the same place and with the same names I renamed them in HomeKit

This is a long standing problem with HomeKit. If the database goes south, which can happen, then you have to essentially start over again. I've always been shocked that apps that have full access to HK, like Eve or Home, don't have a means to back that up since they can read it. I've thought of writing an app specifically for that purpose. If you have this kind of issue then it is best to remove the HBB server from HomeKit and re-add it.

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