Performance tweaking

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Wed Jan 02, 2019 3:04 am
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Performance tweaking

I am trying to clean up my log file, and have been looking at where I use Super Conditions as I get a lot of log entries from it, but couldnt remember where I use it, and also looking at the performance options in the advanced config.

In trying to change from real time to either of the other options I consistently get a timeout communicating with plugin warning.

But your implication that the plugin can have performance impacts has got me thinking about my use of the plugin. At the moment I use this on 11 schedules that run every minute and check the state of a device (thermostats).

The condition is that if the device is on, in which case a variable is set to 1, else its set to 0.

I set these up when I was first on Indigo 2 years ago, but I am now thinking I Could do this better with simple triggers when the device changes to on or off.... would that likely save me some processing impact as my mac mini does struggle a bit?

I guess the best if I Want to run these as schedule, would be to offload into a single python script, but I dont really have time to work that out right now.


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