Homebridge accessories in to Indigo

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Sun Jan 24, 2021 11:59 pm
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Homebridge accessories in to Indigo

There are 164 topics and I didn't read all of them ;) I read a handful from search results but none helped... If there is a good one point me to it and I'll read it.

I don't care about getting some arbitrary Apple HomeKit Switch integrated directly in to Indigo at this point, I'm just looking to get a Homebridge.io device reflected in Indigo.

Homebridge.io has, for example, plugins for Network Presence and Xboxes (amongst a bunch of other ones). Sure, some of the plugins can be replicated in a way (presence detection can be mimicked by some triggers watching for a unifi plugin client item with a device name that has a mac address....blah blah) but just saying "here is an occupancy sensor" is so much easier...

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Mon Jan 25, 2021 11:10 am
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Re: Homebridge accessories in to Indigo

The HomeKit Bridge plugin is one way - that is, Indigo devices can be published to HomeKit and controlled via HomeKit. The opposite is not possible - publishing a HomeKit device to Indigo (homebridge, the reverse engineered technology used by the plugin, doesn't support it). There are theories that this might be possible on Big Sur by building a shim app that would push devices from the HomeKit database into other services like Indigo, but I don't know of anyone out there that's tried it yet so it's unclear if it's even possible.

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