Closed doors/contact sensors show as open + a missing device

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Fri Nov 29, 2019 8:00 am
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Closed doors/contact sensors show as open + a missing device

This happens with the mono price contact sensor and maybe others. And for extra fun, it didn't used to be this way before I had to rebuild my HKB servers.

Inverting the on/off state in HKB has no effect--they still show in Home as open. Their statuses change in Indigo. I've tried removing one from the the bridge and adding it back, but no change.

Also I seem to have somehow fumble fingered and deleted or hidden another device. I only have 1 HKB server, and this Indigo device does not appear in any list I can find. It is not in devices on the server, and it is not available to choose in devices not on any server.

How can I get back a hidden/excluded device? Or could it be some other problem? This device was previously shared by the now-deleted malfunctioning HKB server.

I just tried creating a second server, and the device does not appear as available for that either.

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