Indigo 2023.1 Release Notes

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Tue Oct 03, 2023 1:56 pm
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Indigo 2023.1 Release Notes

Indigo 2023.1 is now available for download (you must be logged in to your Indigo Account to download). For an overview of the major changes in this version, see our blog announcement here. Note that the system requirements for Indigo 2023.1 have not changed in terms of older releases: Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) is the oldest version supported, and all versions since then are supported.

Important Note: As previously announced, with version 2023.1, Indigo will no longer directly support plugins and scripts that use Python 2. Users that are reliant on any plugins or scripts that use Python 2 should verify that there are Python 3 versions available or be prepared to switch to a different solution. The best way to get help converting your scripts to Python 3 is to post a help request to the user forums.

This release may not be available to all Indigo users, specifically those who have allowed their Up-to-Date Subscription to lapse. The downloads page will show if you are eligible for the latest release or you can also check the licenses page in your Indigo Account or use the Indigo->License Details... menu to see the status of your subscription.

Any maintenance releases of Indigo 2023.1 (2023.1.1, etc) will be outlined below this post on this forum topic.

A reminder on app and path names: we've made it easier for users to switch back to a previous Indigo version if they like. For this release, we've changed the install path to:

/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 2023.1/

The installer automatically moves into this new folder your Indigo database file, preferences, 3rd party plugins and control page images. The Indigo Mac Client app is now named Indigo 2023.1 to identify which client you're trying to launch. If you have problems upgrading from a previous version of Indigo then read through the appropriate upgrade section:

New General Features and Fixes
  • New Action: Run Apple Shortcuts and optionally pass in arguments.
  • New Action: Get Contents of URL and optionally store results in a variable.
  • Action Update: Add log levels to Write to Log action.
  • Mac Client Fix: Action Item count text in dark mode.
  • Mac Client Fix: Settings vs Preferences naming inconsistency.
  • Mac Client Fix: Fixed bug that caused plugins with serial port popup UI to fail if the python lxml module had been installed.
  • Mac Client Improvement: Modified server settings dialog so that Restart Server button is always enabled.
  • NOAA Weather plugin: Fixes bug where plugin could behave badly when a weather station is removed from the NOAA API. In some instances, a weather station temporarily disappears from the NOAA API data (Indigo has no control over this).
  • Fixed bug that would cause truncation of sprinkler valve status reports in Event Log.

Indigo Web Server
  • Add API Key caching so API Key validations won't fail if there is a network issue trying to validate an API Key created in your Indigo Account.
  • Add Advanced Web Server Settings... to Indigo 2023.1 menu in the Mac Client, adding:
    • Debug Logging - turn on/off debug logging
    • Hide Security Logging - option to hide security logging (not recommended)
    • Clear Cache button to clear the new API Key cache
  • Add Local Secrets that can be used in place of API Keys and which will not require a validation call to a user's Indigo Account.
  • Fixed Indigo Web Server bug that caused Indigo Touch to show an error if a Control Page refreshing image fails to load.
  • Fixed issue where a large number of refreshing images on the same page could cause excessive CPU utilization.

Indigo Touch for Web (ITW) Enhancements
  • Add Copy ID to device tile dropdown menu.
  • Selecting light/dark mode is now persistent.
  • Restyled light/dark mode toggle button.
  • Tab text description tooltip will appear on mouse hover.
  • Device state names that are clipped in the display will appear on mouse hover.
  • Miscellaneous UI refinements based on customer feedback.

Additional Z-Wave Device Support
  • Zooz ZST10 USB Controller (700 S2 series)
  • Zooz ZEN32 Scene Controller
  • Zooz ZEN72 Dimmer Switch
  • Zooz ZEN73 Toggle Switch
  • Zooz ZEN77 Dimmer Switch
  • Inovelli 2-Channel Outdoorl Relay

Insteon Updates
  • Support for new Insteon i3 Keypad (KP014).
  • Insteon i3 actions and menu option to Set i3 Dimmer/Relay Mode and Set i3 Dial Off Behavior

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Tue Oct 17, 2023 9:50 am
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Indigo 2023.1.1 Release Notes

The 2023.1.1 bug fix release is available. The following was addressed in this release:

  • Getting an empty shortcut list caused errors in the event log.
  • Starting the Indigo Mac Client while the server was running in the background caused the server to restart.
  • Aeotec Dual Nano Switch was failing with an error.

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