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Indigo 2021.2 Release Notes

Indigo 2021.2 is now available for download (you must be logged in to your Indigo Account to download). For an overview of the changes in this version, see our blog announcement here.

Note: the minimum macOS version that Indigo supports is now macOS Sierra (10.12).

This release may not be available to all Indigo users, specifically those who have allowed their Up-to-Date Subscription to lapse. The downloads page will show if you are eligible for the latest release or you can also check the licenses page in your Indigo Account or use the Indigo->License Details... menu to see the status of your subscription.

Any maintenance releases of Indigo 2021.2 (2021.2.1, etc) will be outlined below this post on this forum topic.

A reminder on app and path names: we've made it easier for users to switch back to a previous Indigo version if they like. For this release, we've changed the install path to:

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/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 2021.2/

The installer automatically moves control page images over for you (among other improvements) but note the IndigoWebServer folder has now been renamed to Web Assets.

The other change is that the Indigo Mac Client app is now named Indigo 2021.2 to identify which client you're trying to launch. If you have problems upgrading from a previous version of Indigo then read through the appropriate upgrade section:

New General Features and Fixes

  • Added Copy Substitution String to context menus for device states and variables.
  • Added Copy Plugin ID to each plugin's submenu for easier access for use in scripts and actions.
  • Added Show Web Assets Folder menu item to the Help menu to open that directory in the Finder.
  • Added Print Device Details to Event Log menu item to the contextual menu for devices.
  • Added more verbose logging around server file I/O errors.
  • Alexa Plugin: fixed a bug where changing a device definition to an already published Alexa device caused an error every time a discovery is run.
  • Email+ Plugin: fixed a bug where manually polling servers that result in a timeout resulted in a variety of other errors in plugin communication.
  • Email+ Plugin: added email address validation and error handling that prevents unbounded recursive errors.

New Z-Wave Devices and Fixes

  • Added device settings option Hide sensor message broadcasts in Event Log to several devices including Fibaro, HomeSeer, Horstmann, and Qubino modules.
  • Added device settings option Poll energy/power after device state changes (default is disabled).
  • Added Event Log device settings option Show energy and power message broadcasts (default is disabled).
  • Added support for Aeotec Illumino Wall Dimmer (ZWA037).
  • Added support for Aeotec Illumino Wall Switch (ZWA038).
  • Added support for Dragon Plug-In Dimmer (PD-100).
  • Added support for GoControl/LinearLinc LED PAR38 Bulb (LBR30Z-1).
  • Added support for HeatIt Thermostat (Z-TRM3).
  • Added support for HomeSeer Wall Dimmer / Switch (HS-WX300).
  • Added preliminary support for Heltun Touch Panel Switch Solo (HE-TPS01), Duo (HE-TPS02), Trio (HE-TPS03), and Quarto (HE-TPS04). Note after resyncing device order and types may change requiring modification of existing Triggers, Schedules, etc. that use those devices.
  • Added support for Minoston 2 Channel Smart Plug (MP20Z).
  • Added support for Neo CoolCam Multi Sensor (NAS-PD07Z).
  • Added support for Ring Flood/Freeze Sensor.
  • Added support for Zooz Dimmer Switch (ZEN72).
  • Added support for Zooz Dimmer Switch (ZEN77).
  • Added support for Zooz Toggle Dimmer (ZEN24).
  • Added support for Zooz Open / Close XS Sensor (ZSE41).
  • Added configuration parameter UI for Zooz Water Leak Sensor (ZSE42).
  • Added device setting options for Heltun Relay Switch Quinto (HE-RS01) relay timers.
  • Fixed GE Smart Motion Switch (26931) definition to correctly reflect the device as a relay instead of dimmer.

Insteon Fixes:

  • Modified device definition for Insteon relay modules that are micro/in-line or high amp to be excluded from All Lights On/Off actions since load is less likely to be a light. Re-sync device in Indigo to get the new behavior. Fore more details see this forum thread.

Scripting, Developer and API Changes:

  • Added a <URL> element to <MenuItem> and <PluginConfig> elements so that those menus will open a browser URL rather than run a plugin config dialog.
  • Added the full path to a file specified in a /messages/ call to the action props dict.
  • Added ability for a plugin to pass back a file reference for IWS to stream back to caller.
  • Added the ability to convert indigo.Dict and indigo.List instances to the Python equivalents (recursively).
  • Added the ability to convert an indigo.Device to a dict with all properties and states.
  • Added the ability for a plugin to provide static content through IWS HTTP calls.
  • Added ability for plugins to return custom error text on IWS generated error pages (ex 404, etc).
  • Added the capability to specify relative URLs in plugin dialogs so that the plugin can host it's own help files.
  • Added the Example HTTP Responder plugin to the SDK to illustrate most of the above features.
  • Added an API to get the full path to the plugin's directory (self.pluginFolderPath)
  • Added an API to get the support URL for a plugin (self.pluginSupportURL)
  • Added an API to get the best URL to the web server (indigo.server.getWebServerURL)
  • Added json encoder class to encode python dates as strings (indigo.util.JSONDateEncoder)
  • Fixed bug where api_key query argument wasn't passed through CherryPy redirects.

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