2020 Apple Beta Notice including Apple Silicon

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Tue Jun 23, 2020 1:08 pm
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2020 Apple Beta Notice including Apple Silicon

All, I'm sure you've all heard about new macOS, iOS, iPadOS releases coming this year as well as the transition of the Mac to ARM (Apple Silicon).

First, the normal reminder: do NOT upgrade any mission critical devices, such as your Indigo Server Mac or any iPhone or iPad that needs Indigo Touch, to beta software. We don't support betas, and recent history alone shows that you're very likely to have problems. We won't be able to help/respond to issues with beta OS releases.

Second, we will of course be investigating what it takes to move Indigo to the new hardware and will plan accordingly.

Please do NOT make any assumptions when thinking about buying the new systems when they become available:

  • Indigo may not run correctly under emulation mode (Rosetta 2). We obviously don't know now and it will likely be a while before we do. In particular device drivers are likely to be an issue aside from any thing else, and fixing those is outside our control.
  • It is likely we will first be releasing a version of Indigo to fix any Rosetta 2 compatibility issues found (if it is needed). We'll be evaluating creating an Apple Silicon native version as well of course, but it is unlikely to be available when the new Apple hardware ships.

As you all know, we are constantly weighing priorities to develop the new functionality to best serve our customers and the development work needed keep the platform viable and moving forward. Scheduling in the transition will just be another factor that we have to take in to consideration. It's worthwhile to note that in addition to running on new Mac hardware, we also have had a priority focus of making Indigo compatible on older hardware and macOS versions, as the vast majority of our customers run Indigo on older hardware.

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