Indigo 6 v6.0.21 Released

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Sun Apr 05, 2015 12:47 pm
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Indigo 6 v6.0.21 Released

6.0.21 is now available for download.

In addition to the major 6.0 improvements this update includes:

  • Fixed crash that would occur on some Macs running Mac OS 10.10.3 when trying to show various dialogs.
  • Added Z-Wave support for Leviton Wall Outlet (DZR15-1LZ) and Relay Switch (DZS15-1LZ).
  • Added Z-Wave support for Aeotec Multi Sensor (ZW074) and Key Fob (ZW088).
  • Added Z-Wave support for additional variant of the Leviton Scene Controller (VRCS4).
  • Added Z-Wave support for additional variants of the Fibaro RGBW Controller (FGRGBWM), Dual Relay (FGS221), Motion Sensor (FGMS001), and Shutter Controller (FGR221) modules.
  • Fixed bug that prevented FortrezZ Water Valve (WV01) from being reliably controlled from Indigo.
  • Fixed but that caused Z-Wave interface reconnects when incomplete sensor value packets were received.
  • Fixed bug in Web API that caused lastChangedRFC3339 and lastChangedRFC822 values to sometimes be off by one hour.
  • Timers and Pesters Plugin: Shortened UI state shown for timer countdowns.
  • Timers and Pesters Plugin: reworked debug logging into two types to allow debugging without overloading the event log.
  • Airfoil Plugin: fix to accommodate a change in how Airfoil constructs speaker IDs.
  • DIRECTV DVR Control Plugin: added ability to specify a Genie Client MAC on all commands to target separate client boxes.
  • WeatherSnoop Plugin: fixed erroneous error that could occur in some circumstances.


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