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Thu Feb 23, 2023 7:42 pm
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Indigo 2022.2 Release Notes

Indigo 2022.2 is now available for download (you must be logged in to your Indigo Account to download). The main new functionality in this version is a completely rewritten Indigo Web Server. For an overview of the major changes in this version, see our blog announcement here. Note that the system requirements for Indigo 2022.2 have not changed in terms of older releases: Mac OS 10.12 (Sierra) is the oldest version supported, and all versions since then are supported.

Important Notes:
  • This installer takes several minutes to complete. After starting it, ignore the inaccurate Installer progress bar, grab a cup of coffee, and come back in a few minutes.
  • When installing on M1 Macs you may see an Apple warning that the app needs to be updated. This is because of some temporary components included in this version that will be removed in the next feature release of Indigo.

This release may not be available to all Indigo users, specifically those who have allowed their Up-to-Date Subscription to lapse. The downloads page will show if you are eligible for the latest release or you can also check the licenses page in your Indigo Account or use the Indigo->License Details... menu to see the status of your subscription.

Any maintenance releases of Indigo 2022.2 (2022.2.1, etc) will be outlined below this post on this forum topic.

A reminder on app and path names: we've made it easier for users to switch back to a previous Indigo version if they like. For this release, we've changed the install path to:

/Library/Application Support/Perceptive Automation/Indigo 2022.2/

The installer automatically moves into this new folder your Indigo database file, preferences, 3rd party plugins and control page images. The Indigo Mac Client app is now named Indigo 2022.2 to identify which client you're trying to launch. If you have problems upgrading from a previous version of Indigo then read through the appropriate upgrade section:

New General Features and Fixes
  • New built-in Web server and browser-based UI.
  • New Apple Shortcuts capabilities.
  • Improved browser client performance.
  • Improved Indigo Touch performance.
  • Improved error reporting when loading any files or data packets that have XML errors.
  • NOAA Weather plugin: Adds three new devices -- Forecast, Current Conditions, and Weather Alerts, and a plugin setting to configure temperature displays in the Indigo UI.
  • Modified installer to correct Scripts folder owner/perms.
  • Fixed bug that would cause the Indigo Server to use 100% CPU utilization and prevent client connection on launch in some circumstances after an install.
  • Fixed Email+ plugin bug that prevented SMTP connections to very old mail servers (TLSv1.0) from working.

New Z-Wave Devices and Fixes
  • Added support for Aeotec Outdoor Smart Plug (ZWA042).
  • Added support for Eva Logik 2-Channel Outdoor Smart Plug (ZW97).
  • Added support for Heiman Smoke Detectors (HS1SA-Z and HS3SA-Z).
  • Added support for Inteset Door / Window Sensor.
  • Added support for HeatIt Z-Smoke Z-Smoke Multisensor.
  • Added support for Kwikset Keypad Door Lock (HomeConnect 620).
  • Added support for LinearLinc / GoControl Irrigation Controller (WI15VZ).
  • Added support for MCOHome Heating Thermostat (MH7H).
  • Added support for MCOHome Touch Panel Double Switch (MH-S412).
  • Added support for MCOHome Touch Panel Shutter (MH-C421).
  • Added support for MCOHome Touch Panel Switch (MH-S411).
  • Added support for Ring Outdoor Contact Sensor.
  • Added support for Saykey Curtain Motor Control (SK-3007-05).
  • Added support for Vision Multisensor (ZP3111).
  • Added support for Zooz Dry Contact Relay (ZEN51).
  • Added support for Zooz Double Outlet Relay (ZEN14).
  • Added support for Zooz Double Relay (ZEN52).
  • Added support for Zooz Relay Switch (ZEN76).
  • Added support for Zooz Smart Plug (ZEN04).
  • Added support for Zooz Temperature and Humidity Sensor (ZSE44).
  • Added support for Zooz Tilt/Shock Sensor (ZSE43).
  • Added support for Zooz Toggle Switch (ZEN23).
  • Added support for new variant of Fibaro Dimmer 2 (FGD212).
  • Added support for new variant of Fibaro Double Smart Module/Switch (FGS224).
  • Added support for new variant of Fibaro Motion Sensor (FGMS001).
  • Added support for new variant of Neo CoolCam Multi Sensor (NAS-PD07Z).
  • Fixed bug in Z-Wave HeatIT Thermostat (Z-TRM3) device definition that cause some logging errors.
  • Fixed device settings UI for Inovelli Dimmer Switch (LZW31) to correctly show which parameters change local versus remote (Z-Wave) dimming and ramp rate speeds.
  • Fixed bug that would cause sync to fail on some older modules (Intermatic relay module).
  • Improved Z-Wave device definition for Fibaro Double Smart Module/Switch (FGS224) to automatically add associations for group 2 and 3 (during sync) so that reporting of both switches back to Indigo will occur.
  • Modified support of Zooz Double Plug (ZEN25) to treat the USB created device as a relay (even though it is only a sensor) to mirror how the module reports its capabilities.

Scripting, Developer and API Changes:
  • Timeout used when Client/UI makes plugin requests is now 1 hour if plugin is being debugged.
  • Added new HTTP and WebSocket APIs
  • Plugin API version number has been incremented to v3.2.
  • Added indigo.server.getReflectorStatus() API which returns a dict with the following keys defined: licenseStatus, reflectorURL, reflectorStatusMsg.

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