Indigo 2021.1 Release Update

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Wed Apr 28, 2021 2:53 pm
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Indigo 2021.1 Release Update

We'd like to post a quick update on the next major Indigo release, v2021.1, as discussed in our 2021 Releases blog post. We are making great progress on this release, which will definitely include the following:

  • Official Alexa support (as well as all the necessary bits for @RogueProeliator to do a Google Home integration)
  • Multiple simultaneous authentication methods for the Indigo Web Server (IWS) and the REST API (basic, digest, and oauth/API key)
  • Native Apple Silicon support
  • New ability for plugins to directly handle HTTP messages
  • Additional Z-Wave device support

That's just a list of the big features - there will be other smaller features and fixes as well.

Unfortunately, due primarily to some issues with the Apple Silicon port, we won't be ready to release by the end of this month. While we can't guarantee a May release, we are fully committed to getting it out next month.

We have a draft of the Alexa plugin documentation available - everything in that post is currently working in our development environment and we are very excited to bring this great new feature to you all.

Jay (Indigo Support)
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