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Thu Nov 30, 2017 5:01 pm
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Plugin Store now live

Today, we turned on our brand new Plugin Store (don't worry, all plugins are still free), available from the nav bar at the top of our website (see the nav bar above). We've been working hard on it and, with the help of many of our 3rd party developers, we've finished the first version with 100 plugins available already. We owe a huge debt to all of our 3rd party developers for helping us make the Indigo ecosystem so deep and far-reaching.

The plugin store allows our customers to more easily find, download, and keep plugins up to date. You can now easily search or just browse the plugins that are available. When you find one, there's a button that will download the plugin to your Mac. Then you can just double-click it to install. Very simple process.

We want to more closely integrate the process in the Indigo Client, but we needed to get this step done first.

For those plugin developers that have plugins that aren't in the store yet, just read through our Plugin Store Submission Guidelines (it's a bit long, but it's really not difficult at all). Once you have a good feel for how things work, just go to the Plugin Contributions page in your Indigo Account, fill out the Developer Information form and save it. You will then be able to submit your plugins! If you have any questions or issues, drop us a note at and we'll get you going.

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