How are you using Home App's location awareness?

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Tue Nov 08, 2016 3:28 pm
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Re: How are you using Home App's location awareness?

Since Nest added per-device location tracking for toggling the home/away state I have been using that in place of any other location awareness or presence detection. This way doesn't allow me to create user specific automations based on arrival or departure, however it does allow me to create automation events based on if everyone has left the house or if someone has arrived home while the house was previously unoccupied. Simply monitoring changes to the thermostat's home/away state after setting up location tracking for each user in the Nest app seems to work pretty reliably. It has the added benefit of working even for people who's phone's aren't being tracked because of the way the Nest still falls back to it's motion and proximity sensors when there are no phones present. I will say that I have had more luck using the Homekit triggers for this automation over setting them up in Indigo since the homebridge-nest plugin seems to work much more reliably and responsively than the Indigo Nest plugin. Currently Indigo seems to have trouble picking up on changes to the Home/Away state on my Nest account. It would be nice to have it set up through Indigo though, so I could set up more complex triggers such as "If someone arrives home, and then the front door is opened within 5 minutes" or "If motion is detected at the back door within five minutes of someone arriving home", though even those types of triggers require hacky solutions such as setting and monitoring variable changes for different events and hoping everything stays glued together.

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