piBeacon succes story

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Wed Jan 22, 2020 4:12 am
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piBeacon succes story

Thank you so much for all your work and time Karl.

After a couple of months of testing we could say that the PiBeacon solution is a worthy successor of the RFID solution.
We are using the Indigo RFID solution for years now but the RFID cards are more expensive than iBeacons, only available at one specific store in the US with loooong delivery times and last year we received an email that suddenly the minimum order quantity of RFID cards is 10.

Presence detection with iPhones is working but not very stable/reliable. So, we looked for another reliable solution.
- The tags / beacons must be for sale “everywhere”
- The tags / beacons must have a long life battery
- Some tags / beacons must have a long range; 20 meter / 65 feet
- And an easy setup for “simple” Indigo users.

We found the PiBeacon solution but that needs an extra PC: a Raspberry Pi.
For Apple users since 1979 is that a little shocking and a Mac user don’t read manuals and don’t eat other fruit…
But we want to give it a try and bought a Raspberry Pi 3 B+.
And some beacons:
https://www.amazon.co.uk/nonda-Recharge ... -1-catcorr
(rechargeable and with battery status in Indigo)

Dowloaded the latest SSD image for the Raspberry:
Copied it to the SD card with Etcher
Connect the Raspberry with ethernet (more reliable than Wifi)
With the FingScan plugin we saw the new ethernet address
Installed the PiBeacon plugin:
Into the initial basic setup filled in at the first Rpi (0,) the right IP address.
Chose “Accept Beacons with signal -85”
And yess: its working smoothly and immediate;
In the (automatic) new PiBeacons device folder in Indigo suddenly new baby beacons where born! :lol:

We have tested this solution a couple of months now and it’s very reliable and fast. The (USB) beacons (with antenna) in the car are working perfect with a good distance to the building.
The Nonda beacons are fully integrated in Indigo, even with battery status and last time battery status in the Indigo Device info. (You can use a Trigger with an email notification when the battery has to be charged.)

So, as said; this iBeacon solution works perfect and it’s so simple (and cheap) to install. Go for it!

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Fri Jun 12, 2020 3:39 am
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Re: piBeacon succes story

Hi Karl,

Thanks again for all your work and the giant upgrade of the piBeacon plugin.
The new features of Beacon Type recognition, Gattool implementation, better Battery level and 2way communication with the beep are terrific!
And finally we can write a whole story into the Indigo Notes field! :D

Compliments for all your nice work.

Kind regards from the low lying country :D

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Fri Jun 12, 2020 6:52 am
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Re: piBeacon succes story

.. greetings to the low lying country.

My current favorite beacon with replaceable battery is the nutale focus. It looks really nice and is very sturdy. Comes in different colors.

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